Ikoyi’s Informant and Whistleblower Leaves Nigeria After Receiving Partial Payment – Soundhubs


Yakubu Galadima, an informant’s lawyer who alerted the authorities about the money hidden in the property in Ikoyuu,has confirmed to Punch that his client was paid.

The Commission for Economic and Financial Crime (EFCC), with the help of the complainant, recovered $ 43 million, £ 23.2 million and £ 27.800.

Galadis, speaking with Punch, said his client left the country shortly after being paid.

He added that only part of N 421 million was paid to his client and the authorities promised to pay the rest of the following year.

Watching the president of the president’s anti-corruption committee, Self Sagay, Galadim added that his client was not asleep after receiving payment. He said:

My client confirmed that he had received a receipts from the federal government. He left the country this morning (Wednesday morning).He has been paid the first instalment but there were many tax deductions. Yes, we are happy. I will give you more details later but I can confirm now that he has received some money.

As you can see, my client did not go crazy because Professor Ite Sagay had planned.



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